CCRP Newsletter: November 2016

Posted on Oct 31, 2016 by rleblanc

Yes, we can! As your Party Chair, I hear and read every day, Republicans cannot win in Oregon. We can win, and we do. Currently, in the state legislator, there are 25 Republicans serving as State Representatives, six right here in Clackamas County. This is a majority of the House Districts in Clackamas County being served by Republicans. There are currently 12 Republican State Senators in Oregon, four of whom are from Clackamas County. Again, a majority


CCRP: Republican Voter's Guide

Posted on Oct 18, 2016 by rleblanc

Notice to all Clackamas County Republicans, You will be receiving your ballot anytime within the next few days. It is more important than ever that you exercise your right (responsibility) to vote this General Election. There is much at stake. The Republican Party has a great opportunity to win back some of the seats in the State House this year. The Republican Party also has an opportunity to elect a Republican to a state executive office for the first time in over


Statement from Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier Reacting to 2nd Presidential Debate

Posted on Oct 11, 2016 by rleblanc

Wilsonville, OR - Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier issued a statement Monday reacting to the second Presidential Debate that took place this past Sunday, as follows: I want to start by making it clear that I find Donald Trump's comments in the video from 11 years ago indefensible. In no way do I condone them. They don't reflect either the views or attitudes of myself or that of the Republican Party of Oregon that I represent. What I saw last night


Seven Key Reasons to Vote NO on Measure 97

Posted on Oct 10, 2016 by rleblanc

#1. Measure 97 is a tax on total sales - not profits - that would increase consumer costs for all types of products and services. Measure 97 on the November 2016 ballot is a tax increase proposal created by government employee unions. It would impose a 2.5% state tax on sales of goods and services in Oregon. It has no exemptions – not even for essentials like food and medicine. And, unlike an income tax, it would tax a company’s total sales, not its profits. The tax would be


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