JUNE 2017

Opinion: Democrats Declare Emergency, Again!

Posted on Jun 21, 2017 by rleblanc

Democrats Declare Emergency, Again!! Submitted by Ron Le Blanc. Over the past several legislative sessions, there has been more than an increase, but an abuse of the "Emergency Clause" attached to proposed bills. The Emergency Clause is permitted under the Oregon Constitution, but with a single restriction: the raising of revenue. Section 28 of the Oregon Constitution prescribes when an Act takes effect: “No act shall take effect, until ninety days from the


ORP: Democrat Governor Kate Brown Hides Information From The Public While Touting Transparency

Posted on Jun 10, 2017 by rleblanc

Democrat governor Kate Brown is taking even more heat this week for her administration's alarming lack of transparency. A new report by The Oregonian reveals that Brown attempted to redact and conceal;contradictions in Brown's reasoning for firing the appointees. Her office attempted to delete key information before responding to a records request by the paper. The information would have remained a secret if another department had not released


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