CCRP Newsletter: November 2016

Posted on Oct 31, 2016 by rleblanc


Yes, we can!



As your Party Chair, I hear and read every day, “Republicans cannot win in Oregon”. We can win, and we do.


Currently, in the state legislator, there are 25 Republicans serving as State Representatives, six right here in Clackamas County. This is a majority of the House Districts in Clackamas County being served by Republicans. There are currently 12 Republican State Senators in Oregon, four of whom are from Clackamas County. Again, a majority of the State Senators representing the Clackamas County Senate Districts are Republican.


In Clackamas County, Republicans also hold a majority on the County Board of Commissioners, and most of the City Councils.


True, it has been a very long time since Oregon has voted for a Republican President or a Republican Governor. But, is it possible that Oregon can elect a Republican President, Governor, Secretary of State, and others? Yes, we can!


We must Unite and Vote!


All Republicans must unite behind a single Candidate. On your ballot, there may be several candidates running for the same office, but there is only one Republican. We must rally behind that one Republican Candidate and vote for that Republican Candidate. Splitting our votes is a recipe for disaster, especially during this election year when Republicans have so many opportunities.


All Republicans must unite and vote for Donald Trump for U.S. President. Failure to do so will ensure another Democrat will enter the White House. Remember, we are voting for more than a person, we are voting for the future of the United States. This President will be appointing several Supreme Court Justices. We must have Justices that will protect our Rights as guaranteed under our US Constitution.


All Republicans must unite behind and vote for Dr. Bud Pierce for Oregon Governor, Dennis Richardson for Secretary of State, Jeff Gudman for State Treasurer, and Daniel Crowe for State Attorney General. Only together, as a unified Republican Party, can we elect Republicans to these state offices that have eluded Republicans for so long.


There are several other races, local, state and national, just as important, but again, Republicans must unite, get behind our Republican Candidates and vote for those Republican Candidates.


Only when ALL Republicans come together and vote, we can proudly proclaim that Oregon Republicans do make a difference!


2016 is the Year of Opportunity!


Ron Le Blanc


Clackamas County Republican Party




Election Resources:


  • Clackamas County Republican Party Voter’s Guide. CLICK HERE


  • Election Day – November 8, 2016

Ballots must be turned in no later than 8:00pm



  • Questions about your Ballot, contact the County Clerk’s Office

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Suite 100 
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Phone 503-655-8510

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Friday: 8:30 am to 3:00 pm
Election Day: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm


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