CCRP: Republican Voter's Guide

Posted on Oct 18, 2016 by rleblanc



Notice to all Clackamas County Republicans,


You will be receiving your ballot anytime within the next few days. It is more important than ever that you exercise your right (responsibility) to vote this General Election. There is much at stake.


The Republican Party has a great opportunity to win back some of the seats in the State House this year. The Republican Party also has an opportunity to elect a Republican to a state executive office for the first time in over 20 years.




You are aware there are more registered Democrats than Republicans in Clackamas County, but we can win our races if we have a higher percentage of voters turn in their ballots.


The CCRP has created a Republican Voter’s Guide. It lists all of the Republican candidates that will appear on Clackamas County Ballots. The CCRP supports all of the Republican Candidates and recommends you vote the Party Ticket. I urge you to vote the entire ballot, from top to bottom, every race. This is how we will win the November Elections.



for the CCRP Republican Voter's Guide



2016 is the Year of Opportunity


Ron Le Blanc


Clackamas County Republican Party

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