Opinion: Democrats Declare Emergency, Again!

Posted on Jun 21, 2017 by rleblanc

Democrats Declare Emergency, Again!!

Submitted by Ron Le Blanc



Over the past several legislative sessions, there has been more than an increase, but an abuse of the “Emergency Clause” attached to proposed bills. The Emergency Clause is permitted under the Oregon Constitution, but with a single restriction: the raising of revenue.


Section 28 of the Oregon Constitution prescribes when an Act takes effect: “No act shall take effect, until ninety days from the end of the session at which the same shall have been passed, except in case of emergency; which emergency shall be declared in the preamble, or in the body of the law.”


The state defines Emergency Clause as, “A statement added to the end of a measure which causes the act to become effective before the accustomed date. An emergency clause either sets a specific date or is effective immediately, which means that the measure will take effect on the date of its signature into law. NOTE: emergency clauses may not be attached to bills which would raise revenue.”


One such bill, HB 3464, introduced at the request of Governor Kate Brown, removes the Oregon voter from the outcome. This is a controversial bill, and controversial bills tend to be declared an Emergency Bill. HB 3464 states:


“…a public body may not disclose, for the purpose of enforcement of federal immigration laws, the following information: concerning any person, whether current or otherwise:

(a) The person’s address;

(b) The person’s workplace or hours of work;

(c) The person’s school or school hours;

(d) The person’s contact information, including telephone number, electronic mail address or social media account information;

(e) The identity of known associates or relatives of the person;

(f) The date, time or location of the person’s hearings, proceedings or appointments with the public body that are not matters of public record; or

(g) Information described in paragraphs (a) through (f) of this subsection with respect to known relatives or associates of the person.”


The bill is being declared an emergency by its supporters as stated in Section 3 of the bill, “This 2017 Act being necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is declared to exist, and this 2017 Act takes effect on its passage.”


The Opponents of this Bill are arguing it is an attempt to officially make Oregon a Sanctuary State, hiding illegal immigrants from federal immigration authorities.


How is this bill an Emergency? Will the immediate implementation of HB 3464 immediately “preserve public peace, health and safety”?


This Bill has passed in the Oregon House along Party lines, and has been sent to the Senate. Contact your Senator, tell them to Vote NO on HB 3464. In the very minimum, tell them to remove the Emergency Clause.

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